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Oxford University - 03.05.2018


Did you know? Lewis Carroll was a professor of Maths at Christ Church College, Oxford, and Alice in Wonderland was a real girl - the Dean’s daughter!


The top 15 students of Year 10 spent a day at Christ Church College, Oxford, learning about the opportunities open to them at one of the best higher education institutions in the world.


We spent time with current undergraduate students and lecturers, in talks, workshops and Q&A sessions to inspire our learners at the possibilities in which they may be able to take part. We were also lucky enough to tour Christ Church College, learning all kinds of historic and cultural facts in the College’s history, including having lunch in the Hall used as Hogwarts’ Great Hall in the Harry Potter films.


Did you know? The statue of Mercury in the pond in the Tom Quad has been knocked down three times, and all three people who knocked it have gone on to be Prime Minister!


We spent our afternoon at the Pitt Rivers Museum working with an anthropologist, in what turned out to be a practice Oxford interview - using our senses and information around us to find out all about unknown objects from far-flung places and cultures.


The trip to Oxford was one that I will possibly never forget; to be able to listen to the students, hear what they tend to do on a daily basis and how they managed to get into Oxford was truly inspiring. Caroline


My favourite part of the trip was the talking to the undergraduates and touring the campus, as it gave us a good insight into university life. Ermal


I found the trip to Oxford University eye-opening, as it really helped me to understand what it might be like to go there. I

thought that the Christ Church gardens were beautiful, especially as the weather was so good. Katy


I really enjoyed visiting Oxford as it informed me of what life at Oxford University is like and made me think hard about what I may want to pursue in the future. Elisabetta


The trip was really good and insightful into the doors that your degree can open. We learnt about the history of Oxford and what it offers along with the degree (e.g the societies.) After this trip I want to go to Oxford even more. Emma PB